Support Groups

These are groups of carers who meet regularly to discuss their caring situations, have some 'time out' from caring situations and exchange tips and information about caring.

The benefits of attending a support group include:

* being with others who understand the pressures of caring

* getting emotional support

* making friends and overcoming isolation

* getting information

At SSCSS we offer a number of support groups catering to a variety of caring roles. These groups include:            


Support Groups

Information flyer

Support Group for carers of People with Dementia  

CSS Brochure

Carer Social Support Group   

CSS Brochure

Former Carers Support Group

CSS Brochure

Chinese Carers Support Group

Chinese Carer SG Brochures

Greek Carers Support Group


PDF Brochure

Translated PDF Brochure 

Please either contact the CSS office for more information on support groups or refer to the latest Carers Corner newsletter publication.


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